API (estimate/watthours) seems to ignore azimuth and kWp parameters

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I just signed up for aa Personal Account (currently in trial period) in order to evaluate the API. I am getting strange results...

These three requests:

curl -s -H 'Accept: text/csv' 'https://api.forecast.solar/<my-api-key>/estimate/watthours/51.427271/-0.769496/45/-112/5.11?damping=1'

curl -s -H 'Accept: text/csv' 'https://api.forecast.solar/<my-api-key>/estimate/watthours/51.427271/-0.769496/45/-22/1.46?damping=1'

curl -s -H 'Accept: text/csv' 'https://api.forecast.solar/<my-api-key>/estimate/watthours/51.427271/-0.769496/45/67/2.55?damping=1'

all generate credible output but it is exactly the same in each case. This cannot be correct given the different values for azimuth and kWh in each request. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug?

Please advise. Thanks.

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