Estimated Power Production - Next 12 hours


We have a solar system with battery. The majority of your consumption falls (as most families I guess) falls after the production have ended.

During the winter and on very cloudy days our production doesn't cover our usage so I devised an algortihm from the production estimate, battery charge level and estimated hourly prices if I can/need to charge the battery using the grid during the cheapest hours to have a 100% battery at 18:00.

Our production ends around 18 as we have a lightly eastern turned roof.

I use Estimated production today before 18 and Estimated production tomorrow for my algorithm.

This used to be fine as the cheapest hours was anyway from 20:00 to 06:00 but lately the prices have been turned upside down and often the prices are lower around noon (with all the excess solar power I guess).

So now I need an estimate of the remaining production today to decide if I should charge.

I looked at Estimated Power Production - Next 12 hours but it seems to be production in 12 hours or inverted or something.

Is there a way to get the combined estimated production next 12 hours in kWh?

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